Powerlifting powerhouse Amanda Lawrence constantly posts training updates and personal records on Instagram, but the phenom’s most recent deadlift milestone had her pretty much jumping for joy.

Lawrence, the International Powerlifting Federation world champ, deadlifted 257.5 kg (567 pounds) without lifting straps. She’s lifted more with straps in the past, but this is the most weight she’s done raw, she said in the post.

Check out the video below:



Lawrence is about nine and a half weeks out from competing at USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals, and this lift is a good sign considering she pulled 252.5 kg (556 pounds) for a new world record just a couple of months ago at IPF Worlds. It looked relatively easy for the 22-year-old lifter, who called grip strength “the biggest limiting factor” for her deadlift in the caption, and had enough energy to spring off the platform immediately after completing the lift.

Even her coach, Joey “Flexx” Ferratti, hopped into the comments to offer some words of encouragement.

“Grip has got to be one of the biggest things we’ve been working on,” he wrote. “Today was a huge win.” He added that Lawrence has “made damn near every single change he’s asked for.”

Lawrence has only been lifting seriously for about three and a half years, but she’s already proven herself to be an absolute powerhouse in the gym. Follow her on Instagram at @miss.amanda.ann to keep up with her best lifts and training tips, and stay tuned to see what she’ll pull off at USAPL Nationals in October.