Four-time Olympic medalist, five-time World Championship medalist, and the most decorated Olympic female American Alpine skier, Julia Mancuso is just getting started when the snow falls. 

Accentuate The Positive

“I am a strong believer in the power of positivity. But you have to practice this every day. Anytime negative thoughts come into my mind, I simply envision a stop sign to halt them. Problems have solutions, so always look forward; never look back.”

Early Bird

“My family was always skiing where we grew up in Squaw Valley, CA, which was where the 1960 Olympics were held; it was great to get outside as a family.”


“Spyder ( makes the best skiwear to hit the slopes safely with POC helmets and gear. I designed a signature line of helmet goggles and sunglasses that I love.”

Inner Beauty

“Instead of just focusing on the parts of you that you want to change or what others think of you, focus on what you love about yourself. Nobody is perfect, and the more attention you pays to the bad details, the more you neglect what makes you a beautiful person in the first place.”

On The Move

“I do a ton of cross-training. The great thing about being a skier is that it demands every party of your body, so you can basically do anything to cross-train. I road bike a lot to boost my aerobic capacity. Plus, I do plyometrics on the beach and explosive weight training like complex Olympic lifts.”

Cool As Ice

“I love shaved ice. It’s pretty much just sugar and ice, but living part time in Hawaii it’s become a really favorite treat for me.”

Mountain Girl

“My hometown is collaborating with the Mountain Collective Pass to make skiing more accessible to everyone. It’s a great opportunity to travel to different places and ski some of my favorite mountains in the world.”

Water Baby

“I love to spend time in the water surfing! It isn’t always chill, but for me just being outside is what I need to relax.”