Jenna Jameson hasn’t kept her weight-loss journey a secret. She’s had three kids and major life changes, but the 44-year-old, former adult-film actress has been keeping her fans updated on her fitness progress all along the way. But recently, Jameson posted an incredible black bikini pic showing us how far she has truly come.

She cites the keto-diet and intermittent fasting as the main factor in shedding those serious pounds, but in her most recent post Jameson opens up about how alcohol was affecting her weight and overall health, saying in one of her posts:

“It’s important we talk about the aftermath of new sobriety,” she wrote. “Raw feelings, fear, unsure how to deal with all the changes. The good far outweighs anything, that’s for sure. But this shows the effects of alcohol on your body. Sobriety is a game changer, not only are you bright, clear and capable… your gut says bye bye!#Sobriety and #keto for the win!”

After gaining weight post-partum, Jameson felt hopeless and betrayed by her body but soon realized that she had the power to reclaim her figure back through diet, fitness, and paying attention to her health. In one of her transformation posts Jameson says, “I Hated Seeing These Pictures Until I Started Seeing Progress! If you are beginning your journey or even thinking about #keto please take my advice and take jumping off pictures!!!!”

Way to go Jenna for being so open and honest about taking care of your mental and physical well-being. You can check out more of her epic transformation pictures below or on her Instagram.