By now, you’ve surely heard of (or seen your friends post about) the ketogenic diet, aka the keto diet. The keto diet employs a low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat nutrition strategy to force your body to burn fat for fuel. This process is called ketosis, hence the diet’s name. It’s has been making a huge splash over social media for its weight loss results and the promise of keeping followers feeling full and satisfied.

With all the mythos surrounding the keto diet online at the moment, we asked Kristin Mancinelli, R.D. and author of The Ketogenic Diet, for her best tips and tricks to make the most of (and lose the most weight on) the keto diet.

Before you start your keto journey, here are seven things you should know. Another thing to consider is giving yourself around two weeks after starting the keto diet before beginning a new workout. Many new keto dieters experience “the keto flu” where you body feels lethargic while adapting to the new diet. Don’t worry, this keto flu won’t last too long, and by the time your body is fully fired up on fat, you’ll be able to take on new workout challenges with ease.