Muscle & Fitness Hers cover star and WWE Superstar Mandy Rose is a force to be reckoned with in the ring. An athlete through and through, Rose has become a recognizable star known as much for her athleticism as she is for her stunning looks.

Her job may seem glamorous, but all that ass kicking doesn’t come easy. For Rose, it means putting in countless hours at the gym, even when her brutal travel schedule makes that difficult. She’s on the road for around 300 days per year with no real off-season, but she doesn’t make excuses when it comes to hitting the gym. 

“My training consists of heavy lifting to stay strong mixed with some cardio to stay lean,” says Rose. “I typically train Monday through Friday, and then take a couple days off to recover.” 

Click through this gallery for some of our favorite shots of Rose training during her Muscle & Fitness Hers cover shoot. For a more in-depth preview of the issue and to buy your own copy, head here