Pink has always been a fitness fanatic, and she’s still going at it hard. Earlier in the week, she posted an Instagram shot from the gym and looks healthy and strong.

She just had her second child in December, and one look at the Instagram post would tell you that she already looks amazing (and happier than ever). What you wouldn’t be able to guess is that the 5’3″, 160-lb star would be considered overweight by “regular standards,” according to her caption on the post. 

She admits that she isn’t at her goal yet, but also that her goal is strength rather than a certain look. That’s definitely something we can all get on board with, and she’s also on to something. New moms are actually better off sticking to a flexible workout program after giving birth instead of trying to push their limits right away, according to research published in the Journal of Health Psychology

Even women who are very active before having kids tend to prioritize their baby’s needs and decrease their phyical activity as a result. Some women do make incredible transformations right after giving birth, and that’s fine, too. However, Pink wants to spread the message that everyone’s body composition is different and there’s no need to set unrealistic goals based solely on the scale. 

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