Jennifer Lopez has always been in great shape, so it’s no surprise that she and boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, a former New York Yankees third baseman, hit the gym together to stay fit. Lucky for us, they’re both more than happy to share photos and videos from their partner workouts with their fans on social media, giving us serious relationship goals and fitness inspiration all in one.

Seriously, just looking at J-Lo’s ripped core will make you want to hit abs just a little bit harder for the rest of the week. And that’s not the end of the #fitspiration that A-Rod and J-Lo are dishing out.

Last week, he posted a video on his Instagram, and it’s safe to say that everyone has some new partner workout goals because of it.

In the video, set to Biggie Smalls’ “Hypnotize,” the couple does some core-centric moves, J-Lo shows off her abs during a dancing break, and A-Rod knocks out a pushup with J-Lo on his back. That move is probably when they hit peak #fitcouple.

They’ve definitely got the right idea, since working out with a partner can make couples closer and improve accountability.

Now grab a partner and crush a workout, J-Lo and A-Rod style.

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