If you’ve neglected your midsection this winter, it’s time to work your abs this spring so you can reveal summer abs. Warm weather and bare midriffs are on the horizon, so it’s go-time to shift your focus on lean, sculpted, Instagram-worthy abs.

Training abs isn’t just important for looking hot in a bikini, it’s important for your health. A strong core protects the spine and is the foundation for a healthy body. It also helps us perform all of our exercises optimally. This at-home abs circuit specifically zones in on your ab muscles using isolated exercises that work multiple muscle groups, and hits every inch of your abdominal wall so that you can look and feel beautiful in your bikinis this summer. All you need is a mat and a dual-handed medicine ball.

Directions: Do two sets of this ab circuit twice a week for big results and finish with a proper cool down with 3-5 mins of core stretches. 

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