Teen Girl Loses 100 Pounds, Aspires to be a Bodybuilder

MacKenzie Walker changed her diet and started working out to drop the weight -- going from an overweight teen to an aspiring bodybuilder.


Fifteen-year-old MacKenzie Walker of Windsor, Ontario, has dropped 100 pounds with hopes of someday becoming the next Ms. Olympia. 

Walker struggled with obesity and overeating as a child, weighing 170 pounds by the time she reached fifth grade. In middle school, she weighed over 220 pounds, and by high school she still weighed around the same amount.

In September 2013, she decided to make lifestyle changes that would allow her to reach a healthy weight.

Walker started changing her eating habits, doing light cardio, and following bodybuilders on Instagram for inspiration. She credits lifting weights and counting macronutrients for currently keeping the weight off.

Within six months, Walker lost 70 pounds, but the rapid weight loss caused her to have excess skin in her abdominal area.

She was told that she would need abdominoplasty, or a “tummy tuck,” to remove the extra skin.

Walker set up a GoFundMe page to pay for the $9,000 procedure. Her fitness coach, Chris “Beastmode” Jones, reached out to his YouTube followers to seek donations for her surgery. She was able to come up with the necessary funds in two months.

The surgery was performed on July 28, 2015, and Walker is still recovering. 

However, that has not stopped her from returning to the gym, where she is continuing her physical transformation.