When her husband signed the two of them up for a gym membership without her knowledge, Clair Rauso was furious, according to dailymail.co.uk. At the time, she weighed 238 pounds and hadn’t exercised in years.

Now 41-year-old Rauso is a bodybuilder and self-proclaimed “fitness fanatic.”

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Over the course of her fitness journey, Rauso has lost 98 pounds, and her husband, Adam, has lost 56 pounds, and they both say they have never felt better. The couple attributes their weight loss not only to exercise, but also a diet overhaul that made Rauso, her husband and their two kids eat healthier.

Before her incredible transformation, Rauso and her family frequently consumed foods that were high in fat and calories, like pies and cakes. Now, Rauso says she makes sure their meals are home-cooked, and cut out processed foods entirely.

“I feel healthier now than I ever have and my energy levels have gone through the roof,” she told dailymail.co.uk.

Rauso and her husband do weight training five times a week, plus an hour of cardio on Sundays.  She says that she was so proud of her weight loss that she decided to “show it off” by entering in a bodybuilding competition. In her first competition, Pure Elite, she managed to place second in the “Body Transformation” category.

“I wanted to prove to people that regardless of your age, how much you weigh or how little exercise you’ve done in the past, you can do this.”