Frigid winter temperatures mean icy seashores and a surprising bounty of fresh Alaskan seafood. Our northernmost state is the perfect year-round spawning ground to a juicy array of seafood, including five types of salmon, numerous shellfish (including king crab), and seven buttery whitefish. For many species, winter is prime harvesting time. The best part: It’s all wild-caught. Every fish that comes from Alaskan waters is as clean as they come, so you can rest assured it’s good to its core.

This winter fish-recipe special is all about the melt-in-your-mouth Alaskan seafood you’ll find in stores this time of year—a mix of dishes that will warm you up, deliver loads of muscle-building protein, and give you every reason to “ask for Alaska”. Plus, they cook up quickly for dinner in minutes.

Ice Age Meals founder and CrossFit chef Nick Massie, aka Paleo Nick (—who lived in Alaska for four years—developed these five mouth-watering meals that will keep the pounds off all winter. Can’t find a certain fish at the store? Just ask your fishmonger for a suitable substitute, and dive in.

The Safest Seafood Options on the Market

The Safest Seafood Options on the Market

There's nothing fishy here, just pure protein and nutrients.

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