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Step 1: Buy Quest Protein Cookies.

Step 2: Open Quest Protein Cookies.

Step 3: Try and eat just one Quest Protein Cookie.

Didn’t you hear? Quest Nutrition released a protein cookie. And if you’re a fan of QuestBars (even if you aren’t, actually) they somehow made protein cookies with little to no sugar taste great.

Fans of cookies and foes of sugar can delight in four flavors: Chocolate Chip (duh), Double Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut butter. People on Quest’s facebook and Instagram page are saying they’re soft and chewy, have lots of chunks of chocolate and taste pretty damn good. Each cookie has 15g of protein. No 15g of protein per two cookies business here. One cookie = 15 grams of protein – and, depending on the flavor, you get anywhere from 12-8g of fiber and 1-3g of sugar.

And it looks like people who aren’t fans of sucralose can rejoice since Quest Protein Cookies are sweetened with only Stevia and Erythritol.

If you’ve ever hosted a party or have been in a situation where sweets are calling your name and you’re “just saying no,” you’ll probably relate with the Quest Protein Cookie commercial, too. 

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