Why You Need to Take 15 Minutes to Cook Clean with Quest

Their Facebook Live cooking show is a clean eating game changer.

Why You Need to Take 15 Minutes to Cook Clean with Quest

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Quest is fully embracing Facebook Live with their weekly series, “Cook Clean in 15.” The beauty is in the show’s simplicity – Quest’s Chef Brian teams up with a different guest every week to whip up simple healthy recipes you can make in 15 minutes or less. The food is delicious with excellent macros and since the show is recorded live, there’s a nice spontaneity to each episode. One week they had on Gypset Goddess (Caitlin Turner) and practiced yoga moves while they made Protein Cookie Dough Turtles. And in another, IFBB pro Courtney King flexed her cooking muscles to bake up Cookie Dough Quest Bar Sandwiches…delicious.

There’s a fun, incentivized component for those watching live, too. They’ll post trivia questions and the first to give the correct answer wins a box of Quest Bars or some other tasty treat. Check it out on Quest’s Facebook page every Wednesday at 1 p.m. PST. Past guests have included Christine Bullock, co-creator of KAYO Better Body Care, heavy lifter and RDI Clothing creator Big Rob, “Best DJ in L.A.” DJ Splyce, and Black Veil Brides lead guitarist, Jake Pitts.

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