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If you haven’t tried the new Quest Bar yet, what are you even doing? Apparently the bars were backordered almost immediately upon release. Check the website though – seems like orders are back on schedule. These are the four best things about the new Quest Bar.

1. It’s goddamn PUMPKIN flavored.

FINALLY! Pumpkin flavored anything seems to be a no-brainer for stirring up a fan frenzy… and a pumpkin flavored QUEST BAR is probably enough to insight a riot. But like a joy riot. Still dangerous though, cuz all the rioters are fit AF. 

This is probably the part where you’re saying to yourself: “I’m so over pumpkin…” No. No you’re not. Trust. 

Just how good is this bar? Well, it’s not really fair to think of it in those terms. This isn’t just a bar. It’s all your autumn dreams in a wrapper, daring you to go apple picking, climb a mountain in your snow shoes, jump in epic piles of leaves, and put up a few extra reps to earn that seasonal reward.

2. Twenty-one grams of protein and only four net carbs. 

Yes, you read that right. 

PPQB unwrapped

3. It’s got chunks of graham cracker crumble crust. 

If you’re familiar with Quest Bars, you might know that Quest fans are obsessed with the chunks – the big pieces of protein chocolate in the cookie dough bar, the minty bits in the new mint chocolate bar, the protein cookies in the cookies and cream bar. There’s even a #chunkporn hashtag on Instagram (not kidding), entirely populated with thousands of pictures of Quest Bars with awesome chunkage. (NOTE: totally understand that you might be nervous to click “chunkporn,” but it’s much more SFW than you’d expect).

Quest did things a little differently for pumpkin… the bar is topped with crunchy chunks of graham cracker CEREAL. It’s a whole new kind of crunch, and it’s awesome. (QUEST: Are you reading? Please make boxes of this stuff! Protein cereal needs to be a thing!) 

4. It’s COATED.

Oh yeah. This cheeky little beauty got all dressed up for fall in a sweet, bright orange number. And honey that coat is chic! Don’t get us wrong, we love an old-school Quest bar, but this creamy coating takes the yum factor to a whole new level. It tastes a bit like white chocolate frosting, a bit like pumpkin, and a whole lot like angel dreams.

The only downside? Just like the PSL, pumpkin Quest Bars are seasonal. Rumor has it they stop producing them in December, and after that you’re SOL until next Labor Day. Stockpile enough of these babies to build a Quest fort because you’re going to want to live in these bars, and a year is just too long to wait.