2 Best Methods to Build a Sexy V-Taper

Two figure pros showcase their methods to achieve your ideal physique by developing the perfect mix of features: a wide upper back; capped shoulders; a small, tight waist; and shapely thighs.

2 Best Methods to Build a Sexy V-Taper
Mark Bradfield; Per Bernal

Gennifer Strobo IFBB Figure Pro 


  • For shoulders: Leaning one-arm side lateral raise, behind-the-back one-arm cable lateral.
  • For back: Straight-arm rope pulldown, wide-grip chinup.
  • For quads: Single-leg press, narrow-stance hack squat (add a pulse or half rep at the bottom).
  • For waist: Ab vacuum.


“The key to creating that V-taper look is to work on rounding out your shoulders, widening your lats, keeping a lean, tight waistline, and getting a bigger quad sweep. If you can keep your abs at least somewhat visible you are able to achieve that look year-round. But for that tight waist, your diet needs to be 90% perfect in the off-season. Focus on keeping your diet clean and eating carbs around your workout so your muscles can best utilize them.”