Many people consider whey to be the hands-down, gram-for-gram winner in the world of protein powders. Quick digestion, high branched-chain amino acid content, great effects on protein synthesis—it’s hard to debate the billing. But unlike boxing managers who duck some fighters for fear of an upset, we’re not afraid of a little competition. As such, we’re tossing all four of the top proteins into the ring for a no-holds-barred, fact-by-fact fight for the ages.

You, the huddled masses yearning to be ripped, crave an authoritative protein champ. Like fight fans, you probably have your loyalties. Some of the old troops who long for the days of Ali and Frazier might still be clinging to egg white protein for their fix. Others might be fond of the new-school science that favors casein, whose steady Oscar de la Hoya-like reliability has been enough to fortify their physiques. And then there are those of you who are starting to root for the underdog. Despite its less-than-impressive ring record, soy—like a surging contender—is a protein on the rise and has scored some impressive victories of late. But like the great Marciano, whey’s dominance in this division of sports nutrition has been unrivaled, until now.

This fight will be decided in 10 rounds, or categories, each with a separate but distinct focus that goes to the heart of protein effectiveness. Unlike boxing’s 10-point must system, however, we’re going for golf scoring—low score wins. The winner of each round is awarded one point, second place gets two, third gets three and, if you’re still following, fourth gets four. We’ll tally the points from each category, and the protein with the fewest points will be crowned the M&F Protein Powder Champion. If all the challengers are ready, it’s time to touch gloves and fight it out. You wanna ring the bell?