Fast food is cheap, convenient, and undeniably delicious, so even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast has a soft spot for it. A slice of greasy pepperoni pizza or a couple of sour-cream-laden tacos always beat out a dry chicken breast in the taste department (especially after a night out). But these foods are nutritional train wrecks that will derail your fitness goals if you give in to cravings too often.

The solution: making your own healthier fast food at home. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to convert these fat bombs into muscle-building meals. Plus, you’ll sidestep the mystery ingredients that belong in a chemistry lab rather than your belly.

The following five copycat recipes—inspired by the most popular orders from well-known joints—deliver all the taste you desire but without the nutritional baggage that usually comes with them. In other words, get ready to have it your way.