If you’re following a Paleo or keto diet or just trying to reduce your carb intake, there’s nothing worse than feeling the gnawing hunger pangs after you’ve hit your carb limit for the day. And when carbs are a no-go, even many go-to protein bars and protein shakes are off-limits (some can pack dozens of grams of carbs in a single serving).

But there’s a better way to argue with a growling stomach than surrendering to the allure of cheat day. Instead of giving into hunger and eating the first thing you see, keep these zero-carb options on hand—they’re easy to keep in the kitchen cabinet, easy to find in your grocery store, and easy to take with you on the go. And if you’re getting tired of eating boring old chicken breast, then these work perfectly as a way to switch things up a bit.

Here are our favorite protein-packed, zero-carb, break-in-case-of-emergency foods.