Going keto has plenty of potential benefits depending on your goals, and it’s gaining popularity among those trying to lose weight fast. Keto diets require most of your calories to come from fat (with low protein intake and even fewer carbs), which trains the body to utilize fat for energy rather than carbohydrates.

But, “if your ketogenic diet is composed of [saturated fats such as] bacon, butter, cheese, and coconut oil, then your gut—and overall health—is going to be a lot worse than if you construct a ketogenic diet that is composed of plenty of colorful low-carb, nonstarchy vegetables, unprocessed fats, and quality protein,” says Megan Roberts, the scientific director of Nourish, Balance, Thrive, an online health-coaching company. That doesn’t mean all saturated fats are bad—it’s all about keeping things in balance with other fats in order for the gut to stay happy on a keto diet.

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