What began as an inspiration in 2014 has quickly blossomed into a powerhouse brand driven by innovation and phenomenal results. This describes the meteoric rise of sports nutrition company Performix. The Denver-based company catapulted into the industry based on performance and continues to advance because—as all great athletes and fitness professionals will tell you— there’s always room to improve. The truest testament to the brand’s success is that it caters to multiple audiences with complete product lines. Whether the goal is to build bigger muscles, sculpt a leaner physique, increase athletic performance, or maintain a healthy body and mind, Performix has you covered.


To meet the requirements of athletes, Performix created its foundational line of sports nutrition featuring formulas such as ION Pre-Workout, with CarnoSyn beta-alanine, citrulline malate, creatine HCl, L-tyrosine, Advantra Z, and betaine for greater muscularpower output, increased endurance before exhaustion, extended ATP regeneration, and more calories burned. Pro Whey + sustained-release protein combines whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate with micellar casein to provide fast and extended-release protein to ensure that muscles keep growing, plus a Tri-Phase Amino Acid Profile packed with the essential BCAAs. And SST (Suspension Super Thermogenic) is chock full of advanced metabolism-boosting compounds such as caffeine anhydrous, Advantra Z (citrus aurantium), yohimbine, and huperzine, in addition to mucuna pruriens (to increase brain L-dopa levels for better focus) and the adaptogenic herb ashwagandha. This line also boasts PUMP Stim-Free Perpetual Pre-Workout with Nitrosigine, citrulline, and agmatine sulfate, ISO 9:2:2 BCAAs, Super Male T testosterone booster, and a carbon carbohydrate supplement. All in all, it has enough highly advanced products to help you build muscle, boost strength, and eliminate fat.

Boost Your Performance With Performix


The v2X line takes the best of the core line of products and pushes them into overdrive. Consider diving into a training session on an amped-up version of ION, with CarnoSyn beta-alanine, citrulline malate, and other strength builders, plus caffeine. Then consider added TeaCrine and Alpha-GPC to combat fatigue and provide extra focus. SST, Super Male T, and ISO 9:2:2 are also amped up under the v2X line.

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For those who require a mental boost to get the most out of their workouts, the Iridium line is an excellent option. Here you are treated to SSTi, a more intelligent “Cognitive Priming” version of the legendary thermogenic that will keep your mind focused as you train to shed excess pounds. The same goes for ISO Wheyi +, ISOi 9:2:2 BCAAs, IONi Pre-Workout, and Super Male Ti.

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The Performix Lifestyle line includes an 8 Hour Time-Release Multi for both men and women, and time-release Sport CLA for mental clarity, fat metabolism, and increased energy. It also features TPC time-release brain enhancement for better memory, retention, and clarity. There’s even an Omega Sport product for joint recovery and enhanced recovery.

In short, Performix has something to offer every type of athlete. To get the most out of each workout and spend your dollars wisely, Performix is the smart choice for advanced supplements that provide spectacular results.


One secret to Performix’s success is its exclusive Terra Intelligent Dosing Technology. This fuels a multiphase, extended release that disperses critical supplement compounds on a timed-release basis—called Terra Intelligent Dosing—for greater effectiveness. This technology wraps the terra target ingredient in a hydrophilic coat that acts as a carrier control pore to provide delayed-release functionality. This is further covered with an intelligent dispersion coating and finally encapsulated within a multicoating matrix pod. The four-stage timed release ensures continued dispersion of active ingredients to your working muscles, adrenal glands, and brain, thereby causing the maximum ergogenic effect.

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