There are numerous ways to pump yourself up before a lift: blast Slayer through your headphones at max volume; down a quadruple espresso; ask your workout buddy to slap you across the face. But hearing loss, the hardcore jitters, and potentially shedding a tear in front of another guy all kind of suck. Another option is to get Reckless.

MHP’s Reckless is a pre-workout formula dedicated to providing mental focus and an energy rush in four easy steps: Scoop, shake, drink, and lift. It won’t leave you feeling as jittery as other pre-workouts, and, thanks to the tea extract TeaCrine, you won’t crash afterward. The reduced jitters and no-crash component transform Reckless into more than a pre-workout supp—it’s also a good choice for a pick-me-up before a long work meeting or the dreaded “Let’s talk about us” marathon chat with your girlfriend.


THE OTHER GUYS: Aside from the regular ingredients—caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine—here are three more reasons you’ll want to become Reckless:

1. SPECTRA: The antioxidant blend features extracts and concentrates—including green tea, kale, turmeric, apple, and blueberry— that have been shown to boost nitrous oxide production and reduce free radicals, which may lead to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

2. NEUROFACTOR: The all-natural coffee fruit extract was tested in a double-blind, placebo-controlled human study to elevate brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) in test subjects. What’s the BFD about BDNF? It’s utilized in learning and for memory and promotes alertness and skill development.

3. INFORMED CHOICE: By enrolling in the Informed Choice program, MHP assures consumers that all the ingredients have been tested by a third party, as well as in two clinical trials.