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10 Everyday Heroes Win Big

Quest Nutrition announces the winner of its "Who's Your Hero?" search.

Quest Who's Your Hero announcement
Quest Nutrition
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In June, at Quest, we ran a contest to celebrate the release of the new Quest Hero Bar. A call was put out to people across the country to nominate a personal hero and explain why they deserved to be recognized. The winners stood to receive a year’s supply of Quest Hero Bars. Usually with contests like this that require any amount of writing, the participation is generally low. During the short span of the contest, we ended up with thousands and thousands of uplifting, emotional, and inspirational stories from all over the country. Choosing the winners wasn’t easy, but we managed to narrow it down to these 10 folks below.

In a time where it seems like all the news skews toward how we’re all different, it’s stories like these that remind us who the real influences on our lives are. They’re the people we surround ourselves with every day, and it’s time for them to have the spotlight for once. How many people in your life influence you? Do you see them below? Read these incredible stories and take a moment to celebrate the people who matter most to you. Here are the winners of the “Who’s Your Hero?” contest.

Ursula Heitz

"My hero is my mom. She has been through so many difficulties, but she is endlessly resilient, compassionate, and generous. She has raised four children while running medical missions to Haiti where she has become part of a community and has helped save hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. She always strives to improve the work she does while radiating support, positivity, and hope. She has taught me the values of compassion and hard work; both of which have shaped me into who I am."

- Hannah Heitz

Kellie Adams

"Kellie has been my absolute best friend my whole life. She has had a tough road the last few years. She battled breast cancer and now bone cancer. She is my hero because all through the challenges she has endured she has volunteered with hospice to comfort those who will never recover and volunteered at hospitals to give children who have cancer hope; all while she fights the same battle. She is determined to inspire others and be there for other people enduring challenges."

 - Suzy Chayka

Tom Peters

"My stepdad is retired military (25 years in the army), almost died in a car accident 13 years ago, learned how to walk all over again, still had the courage to go to Iraq and fight a war to keep America safe, and, after retiring, is now head of a nonprofit organization for homeless veterans! He's shown me what it means to be a strong person and to want to make a positive impact on the world by helping others. He always said make the most of what you get; it's a better gift to give than to receive."

- Crysti Benoit

Karin Korb

"Karin works every day for those who don't have a voice. She became paralyzed at a young age and became a great athlete and Paralympian. She was also my doubles partner once in a while on the wheelchair tennis tour and a great teammate on the numerous USA teams we were on together for the World Team Cup tennis competitions. But now she works hard for people with disabilities and especially woman with disabilities all over the world. She makes sure we have a voice and accessibility." 

- Hope Lewellen

John Foeller

"My hero is my Dad...always has been, as most fathers are. The last four years he has been battling cancer and I've watched his incredible fortitude, built through a love of life, exercise, and nutrition, in refusing to give cancer a damn inch of ground. Running after chemo, climbing the tallest mountain in the Rockies for his 70th birthday, and modeling what it means to never, ever give up."

- Brandy Ritter 

Karen DeBlasio

"My hero is not only my mom, but she is also my best friend.  She was my first teacher and is the reason I love education and am getting my master's degree in school psychology.  Through her hard work and compassion, my mom has taught me to be strong and loving.  She is a high school math teacher and a volleyball coach, but helps children far beyond the classroom and court."

- Erica Ratiner 

Kane Lamberson

"My hero is my 7-yr-old son, Kane. He was born with a rare blood disease and given only 12-36 hours to live. This little guy has overcome so much and has taught me more than I ever dreamed possible. He takes going to the doctor for labs and getting "poked" like a champ, and doesn't fret when we have a marathon of doctor visits to attend, he has 10 doctors in all.  He knows so much of what's going on and doesn't let anything keep him down.  He LOVES Quest Bars!"

- Liz Lamberson

Jack Cline

"My husband Jack left a small town in Pennsylvania to be a Marine. He was such a sharp shooter (as long as he had his coffee) that the White House hired him to do advance work on Marine One for George Bush Sr. After nine years in the service, Jack put himself through college, graduating from Harvard. He is the most selfless guy I know. Will literally give you the shirt off his back. They don't make them like my husband anymore."

- Lisa Cline

John Hendi

"My hubby and I wake every morning at 4 a.m. to work out for an hour and a half. We're both 38 years old and work fulltime and have been at this routine since 2013. Together we've lost well over 300lbs since that time, and going to the gym 5 days a week is deeply ingrained and appreciated tradition for us both that we could not do without. My hubby is the motivator-in-chief each and every day, keeping me focused to eat clean and train mean."

- Tiffany Hendi

Greta Gammill

"Greta has been a trusted friend and colleague for over 15 years. We have been on numerous weight loss and fitness journeys together throughout those years. Recently, Greta has made a complete lifestyle change to her eating and exercise habits which have paid off in over 80lbs lost, so far. Her determination, spirit, and positive attitude have rubbed off on many of her fellow teachers, and she is a true inspiration to all of us. I nominate Greta Gammill as my hero because she keeps persevering."

- Jennifer Shoalmire

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