Build Muscle

The Best Total Protein Supp

Whey’s days as the most popular protein powder are numbered. Try a protein blend for more effective muscle building.

With more and more research being done on newer protein forms, we wanted to take a deeper look at the different proteins and debunk any myths that are floating around the fitness industry. Specifically, we examined the different types of protein and show how you may benefit more from a protein blend, rather than sticking with just plain whey.

The Power of 3: Total Protein Coverage

Whey Protein

It is the fastest-digesting protein and often taken post-workout to support recovery. Because of its speed, it supports protein synthesis for a short time, which is why it may not be the optimal protein.

Casein Protein

Casein is known as the ideal protein to take before bed. This is because it digests slowly and provides a steady stream of aminos to support recovery and growth for anywhere between five and seven hours.

Soy Protein

Soy has gotten a bad rap as an estrogen booster due to inconclusive studies. In reality, soy has the full range of aminos to build muscle and delivers them with a speed in between whey and casein.

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