With the growing demand for plant-based options on menus everywhere, it was only a matter of time before the trend spilled over into other aspects of the fitness arena. While botanically-derived supplements are hardly new (check out our Top 10 Natural Anabolics for more on that), there are some that bring innovation to the forefront and find ways to elevate their ingredients past the rest.

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Vital Alchemy’s fan-favorite Epi 2.0 proposes to be exactly that – a plant-based muscle maker that helps reduce the body’s natural limitations on growth. The major players in Epi 2.0 are epicatechin and quercetin, flavonoids found in cocoa and tea, that have some exciting potential for those who feel stuck in their muscle building journey.

Epicatechin, a well-known compound in the industry for growth, has long played second fiddle to other ingredients because of the body’s inability to fully absorb and use it. That’s where quercetin steps in, by helping to inhibit the pathways that block epicatechin from working while also working synergistically with the epicatechin to help reduce inflammation and increase cardiovascular health 3.

Once the epicatechin is able to function at its full capacity, it begins to help raise follistatin levels, which in turn decreases myostatin, the single greatest factor in blocking your body’s ability to build muscle. Myostatin essentially determines the genetic limit at which your body stops additional growth of muscle fibers 5, and in one study epicatechin supplementation not only increased the presence of follistatin and the follistatin/myostatin ratio, but also significantly increased muscle mass when combined with resistance training 2.

In fact, epicatechin has also gained traction with women as a way to help reverse the aging process while contributing to greater strength and muscle tone 1. And Epi 2.0 ups the ante again by including sodium caprate, a compound that has been shown to help increase the permeability of larger molecules through the intestinal walls 4. Basically sodium caprate helps the body further absorb both the epicatechin and quercetin for maximum availability.

Will Epi 2.0 by Vital Alchemy help you reclaim your body’s natural muscle production and help you say sayonara to your genetic limitations? Get yours now at Strong Supplement Shop to find out.


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