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In my three pillars of success, supplements are very important for me to compete at a world-class level. One of the reasons I work so closely with iSatori is that they are in tune with strength, fat loss and muscle building. 

MAXON Pure Strength™ is a perfect example. iSatori understands that if you can increase your strength, muscle mass is sure to follow and this is exactly what MAXON Pure Strength focuses on. It is an important part of my plan.

BIO-GRO™ has significant research on it related to improved recovery, as well as strength and mass increases – it’s a unique product that is absolutely critical to my success.
Of course I need a lot of protein – as much as 800g a day to be exact, so I depend on 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY™ for about 200 of those 800g. This protein also has additional BIO-GRO added to it, so it again helps improve my recovery. I pair this with two other products in the iSatori lineup that also have BIO-GRO in them – PRE-GRO™ MAX and AMINO-GRO®. When you look at my stack, it’s developed around constantly being in recovery/growth mode.
For you, I’ve broken my stack down into two divisions. One focuses on strength and muscle and the other is more focused on pure mass, but they both overlap for the ultimate stack. If you want to try either of these, you can get 15% off at If you want a further discount, just download the program, get started and iSatori will send you a great offer.

iSatori Bio-Gro


BIO-GRO is a true “game-changer” from iSatori. The first to introduce a new breed of designer supplementation called Bio-Active Peptides. You can think of BIO-GRO as “fertilizer for your muscles.” The ultra-concentrated Bio-Pro Bio Active Peptides found only in BIO-GRO work best when taken daily and should be the base of any serious trainer’s program. BIO-GRO is the true catalyst to help drive lean muscle growth, improved strength and decreased recovery time.


Assists your body to signal and accelerate the rate at which it processes the building and re-building of muscle tissue, called protein synthesis, to help improve strength.


Maximizes the body’s ability to synthesize protein, so you can develop lean body mass at a faster rate, and more efficiently. As evidenced by BIO-GRO’s most recent clinical study, performed at the prestigious University of Central Florida by Drs. J. Stout and J. Hoffman.


BIO-GRO produces a noticeable reduction in recovery time, after bouts of intense exercise or weight training.

iSatori Maxon Pure Strength


MAXON™ PURE STRENGTH was designed with one purpose—to maximize your strength in the gym… fast. MAXON Pure Strength sets a new standard in sports supplements using three of the most potent, clinically researched strength-building ingredients in the industry. MAXON PURE STRENGTH redefines how you can increase strength, power, and your ability to gain overall muscle mass.


With clinically researched doses of Torabolic®, elevATP®, and creatine hydrochloride, MAXON PURE STRENGTH is the new standard in the emerging strength-building era.


The MAXON PURE STRENGTH formula is further amplified with the addition of AGMAFLOW (agmatine sulfate) to help ensure maximum power output and performance in your strength-building lifts.


MAXON PURE STRENGTH literally redefines how you can increase strength and positively affect lean mass, helping you reach your goals faster.

iSatori Pre-Gro


PRE-GRO MAX, is iSatori’s second generation pre-workout supplement that is fortified with BIO-GRO™ Bio-Active Peptides. We kept the best attributes from the original PRE-GRO and added in a number of new ingredients in the pursuit of the ultimate workout. The combination of energy, focus, strength, recovery, muscle and pump in PRE-GRO MAX is set to help you smash through even the toughest workout barriers!


PRE-GRO MAX™ is designed to deliver a powerfully intense muscle-building workout experience. PRE-GRO MAX is fortified with clinically tested BIO-GRO™ Bio-Active Peptides, HydroMax®, Creatine, Beta-Alanine and a scientific combination of synergistic ingredients to take you beyond the pump, and help trigger fresh new muscular growth. PRE-GRO MAX creates the perfect workout environment for accelerated strength and muscular gains.


Placing intense pressure on your muscle fibers is an absolute necessity in your pursuit of new growth. PRE-GRO MAX kicks the average pump to the curb with its unique, high-powered Plasma Expansion Matrix. This is where Nitric Oxide and Blood Plasma Volume collide, creating what we call a “Plasma Pump.” The Nitric Oxide stimulating properties of ingredients like Nitrosigine® work synergistically with the Plasma Expansion properties from HydroMax® and glycerol monostearate powder to literally engorge the working muscles and increase the growth signal.


You need unstoppable energy and focus in the gym. PRE-GRO MAX is set to help you smash through even the toughest workout barriers. Providing two sources of caffeine and nootropic precursors like TheoDrene™ Theobromine supplies you with an unparalleled sensory stimulus and energy and focus that is smooth and crisp — to keep you crushing the weights from the first until your last repetition.

iSatori Bio-Active Whey


100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY is a true advancement in whey protein supplementation. Starting with a high Biological Value whey protein complex from concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY is the only whey protein fortified with BIO-GRO Bio-Active Peptides. This unique combination supports recovery, muscle growth and overall performance beyond what other whey protein supplements can. Simply, this is the new standard in whey protein supplements.


100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY is unlike any other whey protein on the market. Starting with a high Biological Value (BV) combination of whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate that deliver 25g of protein per scoop, 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY is the only whey protein fortified with BIO-GRO Bio-Active Peptides to improve recovery, increase strength and accelerate gains in lean muscle mass.* 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY is the perfect protein supplement for both men and women and can be used in either gaining or dieting phases.


Every hard workout should end with the right recovery nutrients, that is, with whey protein and BIO-GRO on the top of the list. Within 45 minutes of completing your workout, take 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY to rush to your hard-worked muscles and quickly promote recovery and accelerate protein synthesis, because the faster you recover, the faster you can reach your goals.


Using the correct nutrients in your program is key to building a muscular, strong body. Whey protein, with its high biological value protein (BV – is a measure of the amount of protein absorbed and utilized by body after ingestion of a protein feeding), is perfect for helping your body repair damaged muscle tissue so it can adapt to resistance training and gain power, strength and muscle. With the addition of clinically researched BIO-GRO, which has been shown to increase strength in test subject just 8 weeks*, 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY truly is an unmatched protein formula for people that demand the very best.

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