Much is made over what you put into your body pre-workout to get the best results: creatine for strength and power, arginine for a better pump, beta-alanine for stamina…the list goes on. But beyond the universal prescription for fast-digesting whey immediately after your last rep, there seems to be far less fanfare or enthusiasm when it comes to post-workout supplementation. It is important to remember, however, that training is only the stimulus for change — recovery is where your body actually gets stronger, bigger and badder. 

Giving Back to Your Muscles

GAT, with the help of a cast of white coats, is hoping to change your outlook in this regard. A recent study of their post-workout formula, Adenoflex, showed higher muscular endurance after two weeks of use. Why? Because what you put back into your muscles is just as important — if not more so — than what you put into them. Adenoflex not only helps to maximize blood volume, which is crucial for getting key nutrients into muscles, but it also boosts the uptake of glucose which, you know, powers workouts and stuff. 

In other words, it packs more of the stuff you need at a time when your body needs it most. So while there are a number of factors to consider about refueling after a workout, a hit of this stuff is a good place to start.