Over the last decade, marijuana has begun to sidestep its traditional stoner connotation and take a much more prominent role in our society. That role being a more natural medical alternative to the standard synthetic drugs found at your local pharmacy or prescribed from your doctor for a bevy of physical and mental health issues. 

For those who aren’t up to date on the latest CBD craze here are a few simple facts to get you up to speed. 

  • CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a compound that can be found in both the marijuana plant and in hemp. 
  • CBD and THC both come from the same plant, but are two distinct compounds with different effects. 
  • Generally people believe that CBD is not psychoactive, which is technically false. In studies, CBD has been shown to help treat psychosis, stress, and other mental ailments. However, it is nonintoxicating. 
  • CBD-based pharmaceutical drugs have been approved in Europe, Canada, and one specific type in America which was approved in June of 2018.
  • CBD can be taken orally or topically.  
  • Hemp-derived CBD products are legal in all 50 states with a few restrictions. 

With hemp-based CBD products being legal, the market has been flooded with products that claim to have different effects. Some of these products are pretty much what you would expect—others…not so much. Take a quick look at what the CBD market has to offer. 

Warning: We have not tested any of these products and don’t recommend you buying any CBD products without thorough research ahead of time.