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MuscleTech – Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen sparks your body into a powerful state of thermogenesis to fire up your metabolic rate, meaning you’ll be able to train harder and sculpt the body you’ve always wanted. It’s packed with 400mg green coffee, 290mg caffeine, 145mg coleus / guaysa / ophiopogon and 75mg scullap – a never-before-seen combination of super-powerful ingredients. Learn More

Beast – Amphetalean

Burn your body fat, increase your daily energy and curb your appetite with this fast-acting powder that contains key vitamins thiamine and niacin, which combine with caffeine to power your body through your workout. Amphetalean powder itself is made with beta pea, gingko biloba and DMAE which, together, act as a stimulant to keep you focused during your entire workout. Learn More

Nutrex – Lipo-6 RX

To produce a strong state of lasting thermogenesis, this weight loss aid features Teacrine™ – a nature-identical compound that supplements the body’s natural metabolic processes to prep it for long lasting energy without the crash. A new CO2 ginger extract is added to oxidize excess fat calories rather than store them, which becomes more and more effective with repeated use. Learn More

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