Just In: True Shred Is Now The No. 1 Ranked Cutting Supplement1


The much anticipated launch of Hard Rock Supplements’ newest cutting agent has come and gone. But one thing remains from the beginning, True Shred is Hard Rock Supplement’s best shredder. And as customers report, the hybrid product is delivering solid results.

“NO On Cycle Support needed, NO PCT and NO Estrogen Blockers are necessary and forget about the old school side effects so common in doing certain cycles too.”

Hard Rock has long been known for their potent and effective anabolics among the hardcore fitness community and their main focus for True Shred was to bridge the gap between results of a natural product and that of a prohormone.

“From day one the Hard Rock team had a strong idea of what the key ingredients of the True Shred formula would be. It really just came down to making final tweaks based on user feedback,” according to a source. “We knew what the core of the formula was going to be but we had to test multiple “secret sauce” additions to help take this product to a level that has newcomers to our brand saying “Whoa” and the loyalists saying “How did they do it again?””

After testing several formulas, Hard Rock found that the one getting the most positive feedback and results was naturally the one they took the most unconventional route with. User feedback ticked off all the important boxes in terms of muscle hardness, vascularity, strength, fat loss, water loss, even delivery of muscle pumps. But the one aspect that amazed most users was how it exceeded expectations in libido boost, which was a nice added surprise for a cutting agent.

True Shred Fat Burner
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The True Value Of True Shred

True Shred users can expect a formula that delivers the value of five different products in one based on the dosing, with an ingredient profile that the market has never seen before. Unlike its predecessors of the past you won’t need a mortgage to pay for a super set of support supplements to get results with True Shred either. NO On Cycle Support needed, NO PCT and NO Estrogen Boosters are necessary and forget about the old school side effects so common in prohormone cycles too. Advances in technology have not only allowed Hard Rock Supplements to develop a paradigm shifting shredder, its cut the cost of a shredding cycle to a fraction of that of a prohormone. As with all Hard Rock products, transparency is key. There are no proprietary blends in True Shred, so you know exactly what you are taking and how much.


1. The Top 10 Ranked Cutting Supplements For 2020.