German American Technologies (GAT) recognizes that it takes a lot to look your best. That’s why its JetFuel line offers many different formulations, each of which works in a different way. Here’s the skinny on three to try.

The Breakdown

JetFuel T-300

This version of JetFuel provides powerful fat-burning ingredients like caffeine (methyltheobromine), Rauvolfia canescens, and Capsicum annuum, along with such clinically proven testosterone boosters as calcium fructopyranose borate, Tribulus terrestris (puncture vine), and ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). The mix is designed to enhance fat loss while also promoting higher testosterone levels.

JetFuel Accelerator

For powerful fat-burning ingredients sans the stimulants, there’s Accelerator, which features raspberry ketones, Capsicum, and guggulsterones. The formula also packs Hoodia gordonii and saffron to help curb appetite, as well as Mucuna pruriens, which enhances mood by boosting dopamine levels. Mucuna further aids fat loss, not to mention muscle growth, by increasing growth hormone production. Perfect to stack with JetFuel T-300.

JetFuel AQX

To help you drop water, try AQX, which is packed with fat burners such as uva ursi, dandelion extract (Taraxacum officinales), parsley extract, fennel seed extract, Solidago virgaurea, grapefruit concentrate, lemon extract, and hibiscus seed extract. Taking JetFuel for up to one week before a contest or day at the beach can help you keep subcutaneous water off for that dry, shredded look.


GAT Stack image
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