When it comes to scaling an especially difficult rock climbing wall (like the one featured in the video below), few guys do it better than Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

The jacked Hollywood star not only looks the part for his Justice League role, but also has the physical talents and strength to back it up. In his most recent attempt to reach the top of the monster wall, Momoa puts his upper-body strength and rock climbing skills on full display. 

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Check out the inspirational ascent. 

For those familiar with Momoa’s unique athletic hobbies, you know this isn’t the first time he’s tackled the rock climbing wall. Clearly, this tough physical challenge is one the actor relishes taking on, and regularly shares with his Instagram followers. 

This one was from an earlier attempt where the fish out of water seemed to do just fine on land. 

And you’ve got to appreciate Momoa’s exuberance after this particular climb. It’s a success worth celebrating, and Momoa doesn’t hold back with his victory lap.  

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