Sandra Prikker was born in the Netherlands, but despite being only 28-years-old, she’s an excellent example when it comes to plowing through your challenges. Prikker started her athletic journey with an interest in kickboxing, but later she transitioned into the fitness side of things as she got older. However, what makes Prikker stand out among fitness influencers is how she overcame a cooking accident in 2009, which left her eyes burned shut, requiring a skin transplant. Her burns were brutal, and she detailed the entire situation on her Youtube channel

She began to take her fitness journey seriously in 2013, and after several years of hardcore training and Instagram posts, she eventually gained tons of followers and made the transition to becoming a personal trainer.

Prikker’s dedication to growth has been a sight to see, plus she has an amazing international Instagram. Take a breeze through these pics to see what all of the hype is about.