Guys routinely fall short in three specific areas when it comes to dating. Relationship expert Amy Laurent enlightens us on what they are and what we can do to address these issues head on.

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If you’re relationship-minded, let her know. Say things like, “I don’t date people just to date them.”

If you’re not a long-termer, don’t lead her on. Be more aloof (and don’t invite her to family gatherings!).

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Better to be a tortoise than a hare. If you manage to get her upstairs, emphasize foreplay and tension. 

To gauge interest, study body language. If she stays close, she may be game.

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It’s OK to talk about what you do for a living, but never how much you earn. Ever.

Watch how much you drink so you don’t come off as an ass. If you’re inebriated, you’re more likely to be boisterous and brag.

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