Kate Upton: ‘Absolutely’ no pre-game sex with fiance Justin Verlander

The blonde bombshell says the Detroit Tigers pitcher abstains before playing. Should you?

Kate Upton: ‘Absolutely’ no pre-game sex with fiance Justin Verlander

Every once in a while, Kate Upton might want her fiance Justin Verlander to have a terrible performance.

In an appearance Wednesday on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the supermodel and 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover star said the Detroit Tigers pitcher has strict pregame and postgame rules.

For one thing, there’s “absoultely” no sex before games, but afterwards is no sure thing either. Sometimes, it depends on how Verlander pitches.

“What I’ve just found out is, if he plays too well, there’s no sex after, either,” Upton said. “What a buzzkill for me!”:

Verlander’s rules about pregame nookie may be more of a personal preference for trying to focus, but being married to a supermodel may not make it easy:


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Science-wise, there’s evidence that gives weight to both sides of the argument, but nothing concrete.

Legendary boxers like Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano stayed away from sex before big fights, but Super Bowl-winning quarterback Joe Namath felt the opposite way. Research published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology took a look at various studies and research, but found that there was “no robust scientific evidence to indicate that sexual activity has a negative effect upon athletic results,” according to study author Laura Stefani.

Many athletes and coaches have said that you can lose “aggressiveness, energy, power, focus, and recovery” if you abstain from sex before a workout or performance.

 “There are multiple factors that come into play including physiological, psychological, hormonal, as well as ethical and moral aspects,” said Joel Seedman, Ph.D., founder of training studio Advanced Human Performance in Atlanta.

Upton revealed what Verlander does before games, but what do you think?

Read more about the science behind sex and athletic performance from Men’s Fitness and decide for yourself: