We know how hard it can sometimes be to get to a gym. That’s why fitness personality Andy McDermott put together a compilation video showcasing a workout you can do anywhere. All you need is a chair, and you have yourself all the tools to complete a total body circuit that will still leave you feeling accomplished. 

McDermott’s compilation includes 24 difference exercises, everything from shoulder pushups to single-leg elevators. While the video may look easy, the reality is anything but. 

Of course what we like most about this workout is that you can do it anywhere from your home, your workspace, or even your doctor’s office (hey, we don’t judge). 

As a plus, if you like this workout, you can see plenty more by subscribing to McDermott’s YouTube page, Andy McDermott Fitness.

Like we’ve said before, you don’t need to be at a gym in order to get in a butt-kicking workout. In fact, sometimes a simple chair will do. 

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