From a standing position, squat down and quickly kick your feet out to the top of a pushup position. Immediately bring them back underneath you, then come out of the squat by jumping as high as you can. That’s one rep.


Do a regular pushup, then bring one foot underneath your body and reach with your opposite hand so that they touch. Repeat with the opposite hand and opposite foot. That’s one rep.


Get into a plank position with your forearms on the floor. From there, keep your core tight and move your arms into a pushup position so you finish in the top of a pushup. Switch back and forth. Each position switch counts as one rep.

What It Is:

Three exercises, performed as a circuit, for 10–20 reps each. Rest 30 seconds between each circuit and do three rounds total. The exercises are: BURPEES, PUSHUP WITH TOE TOUCH, PLANK TO PUSHUP.

Designed by Brian Richardson, N.A.S.M.-C.P.T., co-owner of Dynamic Fitness in Temecula, CA

Why It Works

Because it’s a workout that will improve core strength with the latter two exercises while it crushes the rest of your body with burpees to start every round. “This metabolic circuit is a surefire way to stimulate the entire kinetic chain—nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems collectively,” says Richardson. “This will tax the entire system.”

Tools Needed

Nothing but your own body weight and a little open floor space.

QUICK TIP: For a greater challenge, add a pushup at the bottom of each burpee.