Full-Body Exercises

Don't Move a Muscle for Greater Strength and Stability

Take the Kiba Dachi challenge to tighten up your core and burn big-time calories.

Rob Fletcher

Yeah, you can squat 500 lbs, but can you hold this core strengthening move for 2 minutes?

This martial arts stance known as the Kiba Dachi will put your lower body and core muscles to the test. Give it a try to see how long you can hold the position.

How to Perform

1. Position feet outside shoulder width with knees and feet pointing outward.

2. Drop down into a squat position, similar to a sumo squat

3. As with the plank, challenge yourself and hold for time.

4. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and relax your mind.

Track the time you were able to hold the stance, and set a goal for the next session to hold the position a few seconds longer. To make the move even more difficult use a medicine ball, kettlebell or dumbbell while holding the stance.

The Benefits

Physically, this move will work wonders for your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core. Mentally, it will enhance your mind control and toughness. When the burning sensation is deep and you feel like quitting, condition yourself to dig deeper and fight through the pain. Building the will and spirit to never give up, push harder and go the distance will enhance your overall performance and results.

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