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Rock Hard Training Plans: Build Serious Muscle

Welcome to the Rock Hard Challenge–a comprehensive training, nutrition, and supplement program designed specifically for you. Our eight-week plan is divided into two 4-week segments. Loaded with a wide range of intense techniques, these plans are assured to deliver you maximum results in minimum time.

The first four weeks of the Rock Hard Challenge training program emphasize a classic bodybuilding split with a twist. You’ll perform a handful of fat-burning and intensity techniques that will help keep your metabolic rate firing on all cylinders while you’re reducing caloric intake. The net effect is that you’ll keep your muscle mass—or even add to it—while you cut body fat. You’ll follow this workout plan for four weeks and then change things up for the second month. Part 2 increases the intensity to help you maintain muscle mass while incinerating body fat. You’ll perform intensity sets in every workout. And you’ll switch up the weight-training moves and replace slower-paced exercises like stepups with faster ones like jump rope. The only thing left to do now? Get up and get started.

To ensure the best success of our Rock Hard workouts, follow our Rock Hard nutrition program alongside your training.

MnF RHC workout

MnF RHC workout