You may not be able to see it, but your back is vital when it comes to your strength, health, and physique. Stronger back muscles equate to better posture, which helps counteract our increasingly normalized hunched-over position, and bigger lifts—you need a tight back for a better squat and deadlift, and a big base to press from when you bench. Also, thick, meaty lats will create the illusion of a smaller waist and widen your frame. For these reasons, we recommend hitting your back more than once per week and to expand your back-training arsenal.

Most likely, you already gravitate toward the classic back builders—chinups, bentover rows, seated rows, deadlifts, and maybe some reverse flyes. There’s nothing wrong with any of these movements, but by making a few minor angle and tempo adjustments, we’ve effectively freshened up some oldies but goodies to help you prevent ever stalling out when it comes to your back gains. Now give them a try.