In this 7th installment of our Badass Workout of the Week, PJ Braun, president of Blackstone Labs and Prime Nutrition focuses on the all-important abs with a combination of moves and techniques that will help strengthen and chisel your midsection.

This badass workout is the only ab routine you will ever need to do. Many people get overly caught up in training abs, but when doing heavy compound moves or functional work, the core gets stimulated like crazy (when your form is correct), so the most important thing is to think about designing your outline around things you can’t normally do. The main thing being reverse curvature of the spine. In life we bend forward all day but we never move from the floor up with our core, and we seldom move our spines backwards lengthening our core.

The 3 exercises (presented in this badass workout) done together will thoroughly stimulate everything you need. You’ll then finish off with some breathing techniques or stomach vacuums to hold that stomach girdle in tight.

Badass Workout Abs

The Workout

(see the moves in the video above).


Perform all 3 exercises in a row failing at 15 reps. Take 45 seconds rest for 4 rotations. 

1. Vertical Leg Lifts 

2. Kneeling Rope Crunches 

3. Swiss Ball Stretch Crunches with Hold 

Finish with 5 sets of transverse abdominal breathing exercises also known as vacuums.

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