Our Advice

Do the squat and glute bridge one leg at a time; this will engage more muscle fibers and target any weaknesses that have developed on one side. You can also play with hand positions on exercises (like the pushup), which changes the way the muscles are recruited. Also, chinups with your palms facing you emphasize biceps more than pullups do.

Gene’s Workout Comparison

Gene’s Old Workout


Sets Reps
1 Prisoner Squat 4 8-12
2 Glute Bridge 4 8-12
3A Pushup 3 20
3B Pullup 3 To failure
3C Plank 4 Hold 60 sec.
4A Bench Dip 4 15
4B Pushup w/Feet on Bench 4 10

Exercises marked A and B and A, B, and C are to be performed in sequence.

M&F Rating: B+

Gene’s New Workout


Sets Reps
1A Single-leg Glute-Bridge 4 8-12
1B Prisoner Bulgarian Split Squat 4 8-12
2A Close-grip Pushup 4 6
2B Chinup w/4-second negative 3 3
3A Hindu Pushup* 4 10
3B Two-bench Dip** 4 To failure
4 Plank 3 Hold 60 sec.

*In pushup position, push hands into the floor so your hips move back and your butt rises. Perform pushup in an arcing motion, moving your body down and forward, then up again. 
**Place hands on two benches spaced wider than shoulder width.