Working out at home has always been a cheap, convenient way to stay fit, but with the coronavirus pandemic affecting most gyms and public places right now, it’s become most gym rats’ only option. You’ve heard it countless times by now, but it’s worth repeating: The COVID-19 pandemic is a legitimate health crisis, and everyone should be following the social distancing guidelines from the CDC

Whether or not your city has made the decision for you in the form of curfews and temporary closures, you still have a choice to make. You can either binge all of your lockdown snacks in two days and make the quarantine 15 a thing, or you can maintain your gains at home or outdoors. You can probably guess which of those options we recommend. And even if you’re a hardcore gym rat, don’t think that home workouts aren’t worth your time. With minimal equipment—or even sans equipment—you can get a good pump going. 

If you’re not sure where to start with home workouts, there are plenty of places to find them, including YouTube and fitness apps. Below, we’ve rounded up our readers’ favorite at-home routines, ranging from bodyweight to dumbbell-only, and even a few CrossFit WODs. Try any of them, and we guarantee you’ll be convinced that you can, in fact, get an awesome workout in at home. 


How Gyms Are Handling the Coronavirus Outbreak

Is your gym doing its part to keep you healthy and fit?

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