For those who are getting quarantine fever due to the coronavirus pandemic it’s OK to take advantage of the warmer temperatures and take your workout outdoors and enjoy a little bit of mother nature. This outdoor program, designed by trainer and M&F adviser Nerijus Bagdonas, will aid your quest to stay ripped while working your entire body. Just stay six feet away from everybody. 

There are multiple ways to take on building your muscle endurance. If it’s your main program, do it three to four times per week for four weeks and complete sprints or other conditioning workouts, mobility, or other accessory work on alternating days. It can serve as your cardio or conditioning workout, in which you’ll add one to three sessions between strength-training days. Or it can replace one or two of your full-body strength training sessions.

Check out the 8 essential moves, then try Bagdonas’ 4-week outdoor workout plan.

Group of friends crossing a river on a tree log in the forest while social distancing

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