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A no-frills, 2-month intensive mass-building workout plan.

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The go-to bulk up formula is often to add weight to the bar, reduce the reps, rinse, and repeat. It’ll work, but it’s not optimized for maximum results.

In fact, a review of 15 studies published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that periodized training—implementing various training phases in one program—had a greater effect on performance improvements compared with programs that applied no variance.

And that’s what Pat Davidson, Ph.D., had in mind when he developed Mass, a 16-week periodized program that trains all your energy systems, or pathways. “If you don’t train a particular pathway, it won’t develop,” says Davidson, a New York City-based personal trainer. Just one underdeveloped pathway can lead to diminished strength, lackluster conditioning, and less muscle mass.

Davidson’s Mass regimen, which he’s adapted to an eight-week program for M&F, targets one pathway per workout and requires balls-to-the-wall intensity from start to finish—but it’s worth it.

“If you complete this program, you’re going to put on muscle mass and get a lot stronger,” he says. “You’ll also be a grittier, more confident person.”

Note: This the first block of an 8-week program consisting of four different days of routines. Follow the week-long template below four times to complete Part 1 of the plan, then check out Part 2 here when you're ready.

Also, refer to this percentage chart and follow the protocol for the back squat and bench press on Day 1:

Set 1: 65% of one-rep max (1RM)

Set 2: 70%

Set 3: 75%

Set 4: 70%

Set 5: 65%​

Set 6: 70%

Set 7: 75%​

Set 8: 65%​

Part 1: Weeks 1-4

  • Day 1 Staring down the barrel of a .45 Start
  • Day 2 Rest Start
  • Day 3 The descent into hell Start
  • Day 4 Rest Start
  • Day 5 Filthy 15 Start
  • Day 6 Cajun quick burner Start
  • Day 7 Rest Start