In the gym, you’ll often hear, “This is what works for me, so I do this exercise this way.” While that lifter may have seen gains by doing things his/her way, there are certain exercises and positions they may be neglecting to build a stronger, more proportionate and symmetrical physique. While it’s true that everyone is physically different, there is plenty of research dedicated to discovering the best ways for weightlifters to get bigger and stronger. Functional anatomy is the study of how body systems cooperate to perform certain tasks, and in this article we’ll discuss the human body in relation to lifting weights.

“Your position anatomically influences how muscles are recruited and you can alter muscle recruitment patterns by changing your position,” says Jason B. Winchester, Ph.D., C.S.C.S. “The choices we make from an exercise programming perspective have to interact with the biology of the individual which directly influences the adaptation the person will make.”

In the quest to build more muscle, you may learn bits of knowledge that translate into more gains. We’ve got the ones you definitely need. Use these 10 anatomy facts and tips to train smarter and develop stubborn muscles.

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