If you want to maximize your true strength and also sport a chiseled physique, a lot needs to be put into the equation. You want to be as strong as you can possibly be, but also want the hours of toil in the weight room to result in a physique that leaves no doubt as to whether you lift or not.

You don’t have to choose one or the other; you may have seen the powerlifter who is strong as an ox but lacks the optics of a bodybuilder. Or perhaps the bodybuilder who looks like he’s carved out of granite but can’t bench big weight.

Naturally, you want the positives of both scenarios. And, if you follow some simple guidelines, it’s more than possible to achieve. We want to blend the principles and methods of powerlifting and bodybuilding to build strong and chiseled muscles.

What follows are foolproof keys to maxing out both size and strength.