Whether your goal in the gym is to improve athletic performance, increase strength, or just look better, a nice set of big, strong quads is a must.

The quad plays a big role in running, jumping, and everyday life. On top of this, the quads are one of the first things people see as you’re walking toward them. If you come into the gym looking like an egg on stilts, you’re not going to command much respect.

So how do you develop monster-sized quadricep muscles? The answer is a heavy dose of compound movements with a side of isolation exercises.

Take a look at Larry “Quadzilla” Barcello. He has some of the best quads in the iron game. And I can tell you he didn’t get them by just hitting some leg extensions. These behemoths were built with heavy compound movements!

Here are 6 great exercises for crazy quad development.

Leg Press

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