We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and that’s especially true if you’re waking up for an early-morning workout.

But while skipping simple nutrition pre-workout can reduce the quality of your movements, eating too much can leave you feeling cramped and bloated.

However you choose to fuel up in the morning is personal preference, but skipping a quick meal isn’t always an option. For maximum results, you want to give your body quality nutrients from which to feed. Always prepare the night before when you can for ease and more time in the morning.

Some quick tips: Eat about 20–30 minutes before your workout so you have enough time to digest. This meal will be simple, and on the smaller side. It’ll be just enough to give you adequate fuel for approximately 60–90 minutes. If your workout will be longer or more strenuous than normal, you can easily add in more of the foods listed to give you a longer punch.

Linda M. Stephens, M.S., is a N.A.S.M.-certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and IFBB Pro Athlete. Read more of her work at her website.