Mike MacDonald held the world record in the bench press in the 242-lb weight class for close to three decades. He actually invented a specialty bar with camber in the middle to increase his bench press range of motion. MacDonald believed strongly that this is what built hellacious pressing power off his chest.

Many great deadlifters have used extended range of motion deadlifts to increase starting strength off the floor. Many of the greatest squatters have used deep pause squats, including Ed Coan. 

Bodybuilder Gustavo Badell had immaculate hamstring and back development in his prime and said, “I do my deadlifts standing on a deadlift platform so I can get a much deeper stretch and a better range of motion.”

Strength athletes have known for decades that increased range of motion movements build starting strength; smart bodybuilders and physique-minded athletes are just now catching on. 

Let’s take a look take a look at the top six extended range of motion movements, and their integration to your routine.


Does Range of Motion Matter In Your Workouts?

Does range of motion matter when it comes to building muscle size?

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