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The Flying Solo Workout

No spotter? No problem. Get a full weightlifting workout on your own with this solo workout.
The Flying Solo Workout


They say that men think about sex every 15 seconds.

They don’t tell us, of course, what fills the time between one lascivious moment and the next. For most guys, it’s probably sports. For the serious gym rat, though, it’s the thought of taking his muscles to the point of failure and beyond in an effort to build ridiculous amounts of mass. Sexy it ain’t, but you’ve got that covered already. Everyone knows that to build big muscles, they need to be pushed workout after workout. By exhausting your muscles, you help them undergo mechanical and chemical changes that induce growth.


The sticking point for many guys is that the high-intensity techniques that wreck your muscles so they can be built up bigger, stronger and faster - techniques such as forced reps and negatives, or stripping weight quickly as you work through drop sets - often require a training partner. And, as many of you know, trying to find an adequate partner can make the story of Job seem quaint by comparison.

But bodybuilding is an individual sport by nature, and bodybuilders tend to be self-motivated, independent thinkers. Does that mean you’re out of luck on the muscle mass front? No. You can still train your muscles with fiber-busting intensity well beyond the point of failure. You just have to train smarter than the average gym rat. That’s where we come in.

We’ve put together five bodypart programs for the solo flyer, each utilizing a different intensity technique. These workouts will be so effective at helping you build muscle mass safely and effectively - without a partner - that you may soon be thinking about sex (with a partner) every five seconds. That ought to make for a productive life.